Yeah, the U.S. sure has solved their problems. I guess that's why they continue to inject $50 Billion/month into the bond market for the foreseeable future (until, they claim, employment gets back to pre 2008 levels - in order for that to happen, 250,000+ jobs need to be created EVERY month for the next 3 odd years - think that's going to happen? PRINT, PRINT!!). And, no other country is doing this either. The DOW @ 14k - based purely on phoney mazoona! Au is simply in a long consolidation phase and may continue to consolidate for another few months. The only reason the U.S. $$ hasn't fallen off a cliff is owing to the "great race to the bottom" that is currently occuring in the currency market wars. It's all relative. Oh, and Russia is stealthly buying up 1000's of tonnes of gold - and at present represents the largest buyer on the planet. And China, Turkey, S. Korea - these gov't must be stupid, eh? While the clowns in New York make Germany wait 7 YEARS to repatriate their Au holdings - hmm, kind of suspect. This has all happened before in history. The Romans debased their currency as well and that was the beginning of the end for them. U.S. is following right in their footsteps. Funny how we never learn. History is certainly doomed to repeat because you got a bunch monkeys running the show. Don't even get me started on Keynes!!

The only thing we can truly trust in is GOD and as many ounces of gold one can get. The great charade will be uncovered soon - maybe not this year or next, but soon. Then we will wish we were back in 2008 LOL!