I think it all boils down to anticipatory growth. EDV and PRU have much bigger growth profiles than SMF. Although I agree this is getting pretty ridiculous, SMF have gone from a 250k oz+ producer to now ~210-240 k oz. They haven't grown their production as they claimed they could do. After the u/g debacle and wasting $17 M last tear only to turn completely around and now are going to spend more $$$ on the "superpit", market isn't so sure SMF knows what they are doing? Also, they don't give any projections and/or guidance on what the expect production to be. Throw on top of this still using expensive diesel for Mana and that together with Mali/B.K uncertainty, shorters are having a field day. However, I do believe the stock is getting overtired and should rebound. Question is, when? Needs to find a bottom. Maybe yesterday was a sort of final "capitulation" of sorts, but these days, your guess or anyone's is as good as my cat's or grandmother. Incidentally, EDV also has operations in Mali (Avion t/o) last year. TGZ, which is an amazing risk/reward from standpoint got smoked the past few days as well and their production costs came in a ~$650/oz. Big fire sale going on IMO especially with W. Africa producers.