do give food for thought. They are as good or better than SMF but lower in price. However SMF has less shares outstanding.  It's possible the big market players are taking SMF down to them. If so I am out of here to buy back in lower. In fact I got some out. 


The market may not be in love with the commodities for some time, like 1 to 2 years from now, before they really take off again. For SMF to go from $16 to under $3 yet things are much worse world financially where commodities should shine in such circumstances as tangible compensation to all the debt, money printing and spending to propp things up, tells us corruption is in charge and they rule and won't let the fun and games of a commodity bubble start enriching everyone again until they say so. 



This happened at the end of 2010 when QE2 money printing started and then the sell off, at least in precious stocks as if it was buy on rumor and sell on QE money printing happening, and don't fight the FED till the world realizes its a king without clothes on. I didn't think that would happen on activating QE3 and yet it seems to be. 

Darn again!