the news coming SMF is all good.  Read between the lines.  The company keeps stating the hydro line will save millions, however they will not tell you in writing that the government is not doing much and has no money to build the line.

Means no reduced mining costs of 10,000,000 million ( company fiqures) increase diesel fuel costs. Gold production will cost more 900 -1000 oz not including royalties.

Rainy season will always impact operations.

Government wanting more changing rules as they play day to day.

Company insiders wages going up as investors lose money to finance the project.

its time the shareholders  take over your company office for a day set new rules. SMF is not the only canadian company that needs correcting. Then you will see the stock price rise.

Answer this question should the board and the insdiers make millions, while the investors lose millions.

Rebels are the least of the companies problems they state this if you call IR. They are in Mali this comapny is in another country and the conflict is in Northern part Mali.