financial/corporate/religious, doing their things to keep gold metal and gold stocks down the last few years ever since QE 2 started late 2010. That will suceed till QE money printing is proven not to work and not to turn the US and world economy around. Then we get the coveted bubble in gold and silver metals and their stocks. 


However the bigger problem now is what is going on in Mali nation north of Burkina Faso nation where SMF is. However that is being contained by French forces and now British, Canadian and US forces or assets are coming into the area. A line is drawn in the sand and so far Burkina Faso nation that SMF is in is spared the islam rebels advances. 


The biggest biggest problem is the west's financial/corporate/religious cabal of forces, that has been messing up the US and world economy the last 13 years and keeping down the gold metal and gold stocks, always has an ace up its sleave even when they can't continue their criminal tricks anymore and gold metal and gold stocks go on a terror upwards. And that is world war probably originating and centered in the middle east to distract the enemy and problems from them, who we should be going after, to the poor muslims who are just doing what US xtians did against Britain's monarchy and other european imperial monarchies 240 years ago around 1976 and US revolution of independence.


Guess who were called terrorists and backwards religionists then? The US fortunately won then but have become the bad guys or at least the financial/corporate/religious elites of the US and west have. It's unlikely muslims and even the US people and world's people will win now. We will have to be awfully, awfully lucky to escape world religious empire from the new vatican monster, out of israel this time.