Magazine like the Canadian Financial Post, likes SMF's numbers and prospects this year. 


2nd I establish that the muslim rebels in Mali nation north of  Burka Faso nation where SMF is, is being pushed back with a lot less fear that the same muslim uprising will happen in Burka Faso. The west is determined to stop all such uprisings and push them back. . 


And now I establish it's the FED, bullion banks, largely paper based precious metal ETFs, MSM (Main stream media) spin and high frequency trading Hedge Funds that make concerted efforts every few months to push precious metals down, yet Central banks keep buying gold like crazy, central banks/govts  keep printing money or spending like crazy, there is no let up in central banks buying nations' debt to keep interest rates low, and now even high frequency trading hedge funds are starting to shift their portfolio emphasis to gold buying.  All leading to many respectable equity (DOW and Nasdaq) traders, not just gold bug analysts, saying the  emphasis to buying precious metals and their stocks, is not far off, and won't be able to keep either precious metals or their stocks down much longer by concerted non market forces like just mentioned.. 


'Pacific Group to Convert 1/3 of Hedge-Fund Assets to Gold'

By Bei Hu - Jan 20, 2013

"Investors disillusioned with government money printing to service “insurmountable” public debt may seek alternatives to fiat currencies, Kaye said. Asset managers, including Soros Fund Management LLC, Paulson & Co. and Sprott Inc., are betting on the precious metal even after a 12-year rally has cemented the longest bull market in at least nine decades.

“Gold, the way we look at it, is anywhere from being undervalued to being seriously undervalued,” Kaye said. “We’re in the early stages, in our judgment, of what would likely be the world’s largest short squeeze in any instrument.”

Fiat currencies have no tangible backing, such as gold or silver, except governments’ good faith and can become worthless due to hyperinflation or loss of public faith."