Lol i dont know i will probobly start buying later this week for trading purposis. From 14,5 cad in late 2010 but you have to remember that it went from a buck -1,5 in 09, im not saying we are going back unless nationalisation comes in question but i dont se that by a longshot. I think SMF will outpreform bullion partly beacuse alot of losses in bullion are priced in by the market. 3,2 may hold today but i hope we could se 3 bucks later this week and then ill back up the truck cause i se better newsflow 2013 and forward. Looking at smf for takeover with 0,7 cad per share in the bank and no debt that is just silly management ,its time to put this money to work or maybe management should resign? The goldbugs can scream bloody murder and manipulation all they want the correction may last longer and be deeper that anticipated, my target is around 1400. Smf may stil be a 3dollar stock anyway stil pe well below 10 with 1400. Some funnyman is holding 3,2 for what reason i dont know but its very enoying ;).