The $24 million loss on the investment  was known for a long time. The fact that it is now realized as opposed to unrealized  lets everyone know that it will be charged against this quarters income.  The $17 million in additional write downs was disclosed today. That was an unknown. 

You have to weigh a lot of things out in the additional $17 million write down, the main one being the reduction in capex for the super pit.  If you reduce capex by $50 million but only spend $17 million, it's a good decision. If you lose $24 million to find out that a takeover to the tune of $500 million would have been a bust then maybe that too is good decision making? The bottom fell out of all juniors since they made the investment and that's just the stock market. Lick your wounds and move on because all golds have dropped substantially.

Personally I think that those investors who hoped for big numbers in the new resource update didn't get big numbers and sold. Add  the fact that shorts got active again knowing that a big unknown has come and gone with no upward push.

The recoveries were not good using CIL but there are plenty of other methods to increase recovery so that's just engineering and matching capex to metallurgy.

Long term they will do well but the market doesn't like long term.