...Silvermex is an old favourite (see interview with previous CEO) that is a combined Silvermex and Genco Resources. Duane Nelson, CEO relates that Silvermex is targeting increasing production at their La Guitarra Mexican mine to 3 million ounces per year from the 130k ounces silver production in 3rd quarter 2011.




Silver has increased in value in investor's eyes since the Fed has declared interest rates to stay low. The smaller silver developers listed here are mostly trying to increase value with increasing resources and developing production. Mineral companies that have production are less risky than pure exploration companies. Miners that are well managed and can execute on their mining production plans create value for their shareholders. The author believes in an investment thesis which I detail here in a graph showing the valuation increases of Juniors as they develop their properties into a full production mine. Of the companies listed above, the author holds shares in Silvermex Resources, as I am familiar with their properties and I have confidence in their management.


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