Dear CEO and Directors,

I am pleased to write an public letter to you.

If SGR need more fund from large risk investment  company, you should keep higher stock
price. how to buy back company shares with no extra money.

You can change your company's rule. Before you assign cash bonus to staffs.  Now you assign
market common shares to staffs.
Now the stock price is  the best price during past 5 years. the chance for your company is the best.

For example If one staff can get $14000 bonus cash. you can assign him 100,000 shares( by 0.14/per share )now, afterwards,
the share's  price raise up,your staff can get more money.

You have 450 staffs. the total share amount  is 45M shares.

This method's idea is convert company's cost to company's investment.

Afterwards all the staffs will care company's future,produce cost ,revenue increase and profit

If the stock price keep higher,the risk company will give you much money.

Please consider my suggestion.   if this method is better,would you assign some shares to me as award?   I am waiting for your email. thank a lot.


16 Aug,2013.