I wrote and said what I thought this afternoon. I did so by using deductive reasoning (if you don't know this means, look it up and, while at it, look up inductive reasoning also). For every behaviour or action, there is a reason behind it. The reason may be at the conscious or unconscious level. in trading it is done for a purpose, hence conscious.

CIBC and BNS did not come in because they had nothing to do. They came it because they saw a great opportunity. This did not happen in half an hour before the halt. Dicussions, hence an offer, happened over a period of time. I must add, the secret was well kept

First, SGR reached its 52-week low at .325 and I got some. after adding at 35 and 33 cents, and added just before the bell at .36 cents. It also reached a day high of .37 cents. If you do not know how the Big Boys play the game, then you have had the biscuit. Those who are angry, mad at management, etc., etc, are not realistic for the simple reason that to be long on a stock with the world economy in a mess is crazy. Times have changed. It is a mind's game.

Nothing go straight down and nothing goes straight up. Nothing even plateaus anymore. SGR dived because a couple of investors told their brokers to sell the bastaard. They did and the SP tanked on a producing mine. I will make good money on this abandonned puppy.

If you guys can't see the manipulations of the SP to get cheap shares, you have to be Ray Charles, Sreve Wonder, and Jose Felliciano.

Good night and good luck.