Simon I have done well on some long investments. Depends on the stock. I understand what you are saying. It there are two sides to this coin. Take for example the analyst you mentioned earlier. You proved it yourself, San gold stated they announces record production for a quarter on Jan 10, your analyst turns around on Jan 18 and says buy. Quiet the leap. Forward thinking at its best! Then realizes that they aren't going to be as solid as they thought after a $1 price drop so they say sell. What if Sgr produces 30,000 next quarter or even 40,000 with the stockpile. Will they say buy again over 1.50? Good strategy buy high sell low... I think Sgr has enough cash to continue producing for a while, and if they can produce steady without delays my purchase will do just fine. It's all about timing and that analyst(s) doesn't have it according to SGR buy/sell suggestions.