Still can't find any Simon? Here's morning star, 4.1 hold to buy, 5 is a strong buy...

Just posting what you have posted here:

"I give analyst's reports - copy them - not quote them - copy them here.

I have asked for favourable ones to be posted - copied as I cannot find any."

You had posted this today. Need more? Are you a liar for saying you couldn't find any? May I suggest you don't just search SGR Sell, maybe try searching San Gold outperform or Buy...

Analysts usually get on board too late, in fact many are swimming to catch up. Some have motives. Here's the thing, had we not written down SGX and had the shut down we would have had more production and then net income. What do you think will happen next quarter if we have 30,000 (possibly an additional 10,000 with stock pile) oz of gold? Those analysts of yours will scream buy, of course their interests would have been taken care of before the announcement.

I am betting the downturn is done and the up trend has started. I think we will see one more nice day, then pull back (breather) and hopefully somemore gains!