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October 05, 2012

Strad is pleased to announce that its frac-water storage tank product line, EcoPond, is launched with two design styles now available – steel rectangular and composite circular.


The new frac-water storage tank line was developed by Strad’s Innovation team to address the industry’s growing concern of water management issues.   Both EcoPondTM designs are engineered to be safer, reduce environmental impact and help to lower completion project costs.

Strad’s EcoPondTM Steel (EPS) is the first rectangular frac-water storage tank with this style of design to be introduced to the industry.  It is an engineered design that’s shape offers high versatility and a smarter site footprint for customers that are working on constrained well-sites. 


The EcoPondTM Composite (EPC) is the first composite designed circular tank for the industry. It is ultra-lightweight and can be setup in less than a day.  The composite fabrication offers customers lower thermal heat loss and the interlocking panel design has 75 percent (75%) less parts than other larger tanks on the market.


Strad’s EcoPondTM large water storage capacities range from 9600 BBLs to 18,800 BBLs with larger and smaller sized tanks planned for launch in early 2013. 




Visit –EcoPond.com

Canada: 1.866.778.2552

USA: 1.877.337.8723