So if the Scandium price is currently at say $7,200 KG.

Taken from EMC presentation:


In March 2010, EMC Metals received an independent NI 43-101
compliant M&I resource estimate of approximately 12 million tonnes
grading 261 ppm scandium.
• In-situ Sc resource over 3,000 tonnes (M&I-no recovery loss)
• Pockets of higher grade resource, 350ppm Sc, nearer surface
• In ground value of resource: potentially $6 -$8 billion               
(12Mt @ 0.026 % Sc x 1.53 x $1,400/kg Sc2O3
= $6.7B )
12mt x $7,200 = $34Billion in ground value
Other key facts from old presentation:
Project Development Details
• Property covers +40 sq km
• Target production in 2013
• Plan for surface mine-resource is at shallow depth (<65 m)
• Project plant throughput of 250 tpd ore,
• Initial plant CapEx estimate of $56M
• Annual scandium oxide product output of 28,000 kg
• Clear expansion potential from resource (+40 years)
• Portion of product will be suitable for producing Sc-Al alloy
So my calculation would be 28,000kg annual product output would be $201m revenue initially every year.
Please feel free to adjust my calcs only just trying to work out value here. 
Looks real good