Education always helps. The facts are better than spewing cluless theories, right  guys?

Check MHR presentation below. It has all its best and most desirable Bakken wells in Divide County and Tableland. Stay with the best ones, the Bakken in Divide County, do the math, calculate the 24hours IP, IP-30 and compare them with the 24-hour IP of SCS in Beaverhill. It is easy to find that the Beaverhill wells of SCS are better than the desirable Bakken wells in North Dakota. I am not talking for the Bakken of Saskatschewan or Alberta where the IPs are truly low compared to BHL despite the recent rise of DTX (DeeThree).


Here are the numbers for the BHL wells:

Second Wave now has a total of 35 gross (16.4 net) Beaverhill Lake light oil wells in Judy Creek with average approximate 30-day initial production ("IP"), 60-day IP and 90-day IP light oil rates per well of 500 bbl/d, 283 bbl/d and 219 bbl/d, respectively.  These wells are currently producing at an average estimated rate of 95 bbl/d per well after an average of 235 days of production. 



Add on this, the related natural gas production as these numbers show only the oil production.

The type curve of these Bakken in Divide is also very similar to the one of Beaverhill. After 8 months, these Bakken wells flow at 100 bopd too. The chart of MHR shows it all.

Bear also in mind that the cost/well for Bakken is $10M while the cost/well for BHL is $4,9M. This is 50% down. Why some post BS when the numbers are clear ?