Sorry Virginia Uraniun was a waste of good investment funds, don't forget, there is a Four Month hold, by the end of the 4 months VUI could be trading at 25 cents or less. Trust SCP protected themselves with their investment so is to caputre the profit/limmited their losses.

I continue to ask, SCP why didn't they do their homework or see there was extreme strong opposition from every where?????

VUI Chief Political Ally - Sen. Watkins in the Viginia Legislature - was labled today by the Virignia press as a Total Failure for his agenda - Richmond Times Dispatch - 06 Feb. - Titled Lousy Session for Watkins. The story says Watkins is out of touch with Virginia Politics. The votes were not there even though VUI was running around spending money and gifts and contributions - I give VUI MGMT and F. This lfitng of the ban vote was Dead on arrival.