FYI, bored and researching.....

20 Oct 2011 – Virginia Energy Resources ("Virginia Energy") owns 27,250,000 shares of Boss Power Corp., which represents 37% of the shares outstanding

Vancouver, B.C. - Friday, July 20, 2012: Boss Power Corp. (TSX.V: BPU) ("the Company") continues to work with the Province of British Columbia to finalize the settlement announced October 20th, 2011 arising from the expropriation of the Blizzard Uranium Properties east of Kelowna. The material terms of the settlement include a payment to Boss Power Corp. of $30,000,000 plus costs in return for the surrender or transfer of the mineral claims involved.

Boss Power doesn't have any other projects.  If it were to wind down and return capital to shareholders after settling, Virginia Energy would get $11,000,000.  Virginia Energy only has a marke cap of ~14,000,0000 to put it in perspective.