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Sherritt International Corporation T.S

Sector: Metals & Mining | Sub-Sector: Industrial Metals & Minerals

Sherritt International Corp is a Canadian natural resource company that operates mainly in Canada and Cuba and has a significant mining project in Madagascar.
Price: $4.78 | Change: +$0.05 | % Change: +1.06%
Volume: 1.9m | Day High/Low: 4.86/4.74 | 52 Week High/Low: 4.945/2.82

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RE:RE:Fight Club, Canadian-style (Sherritt vs. shareholders)

http://worldofmining.com/fight-club-canadian-style-sherritt-vs-shareholders/ http://worldofmining.com/fight-club-canadian-style-sherritt-vs-shareholders/ http://worldofmining.com/fight-club-canadian...read more
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RE:Fight Club, Canadian-style (Sherritt vs. shareholders)

[url=http://http://worldofmining.com/fight-club-canadian-style-sherritt-vs-shareholders/]Fight Club, Canadian-style (Sherritt vs. Shareholders) - ARTICLE LINK[/url]  rate and reply
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Fight Club, Canadian-style (Sherritt vs. shareholders)

>> [url=http://http://worldofmining.com/fight-club-canadian-style-sherritt-vs-shareholders/]Fight Club, Canadian-style (Sherritt vs. shareholders) - ARTICLE LINK[/url] >> Save Our Sherritt (LINK...read more
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Significant investor Takota Asset Mgmt to vote with Clarke

MORE INFO FROM CONCERNED SHAREHOLDERS: 1. SaveOurSherritt.com 2. https://twitter.com/SaveOurSherritt ARTICLE: http://www.newswire.ca/en/story/1340187/sherritt-shareholder-takota-asset-management...read more
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Support for Concerned Shareholders by Independent Asset Mngr

Takota Asset Management releases open letter to shareholders about how Clarke's vision matches their longterm plan for the company. They had previously expressed their concerns but were IGNORED by...read more
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Who cares?  It still comes down to who the shareholders want running their company.  If I don't like the outcome I'll simply sell.  With companies who have their main assets in countries which are...read more
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Clarke's rebuttal to the letter....http://www.newswire.ca/en/story/1339537/concerned-sherritt-shareholders-provide-12-key-facts-for-investors  rate and reply
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Is this like voter suppression on behalf of Sherritt

LOL, only if your voting blue proxy (or for us) will we help you with a phone number/email etc... """""For more information or assistance in voting your BLUE proxy, please contact Kingsdale...read more
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The Hand...

As this fight heats up, it seems like I have seen this movie before. This is getting more costly by the minute and the hand in my pocket is getting larger. The fun is over and it is getting...read more
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I suggest that before making a voting decision Sherritt’s Letter to the Shareholders dated April 14  is a MUST READ !!   http://sherritt.mwnewsroom.com/getattachment/2daf7517-37ab-4a2d-9186...read more
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Upgraded today

I was just a little off in my prediction below, it took 6 weeks to get to $4.50 and not 12 months. If Clarke gets this management team and board to open up to new ideas and nickel keeps moving the way...read more
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RE:Clarke called us >>>

Do you simply listen and accept the amounts of money or do you ask them to break it down and ask for dates where appropriate so you can check?  rate and reply
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sherritt phoned two days ago told them no thanks not voting

sherriitt  rate and reply
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Clarke called us >>>

This morning to inform us of the situation and were we aware of the share voting process....YES ...we have already voted...Thank you very much Good Bye. Should be interesting just how this shakes down...read more
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ValueHound, I agree in as much as every share vote is important to register. Lets hope the major shareholders are engaged and active enough to see the benefits of passing on the old promises of the...read more
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Typically I find these bullboards useless, just neverending banter between retail shareholders. However, with this proxy fight every vote counts and if I can convince even a few management supporters...read more
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nickle up 1.92% @ 7.877

Advani out, Adani in: says Rahul PM surrendered to Sonia and allies: Book Jet to close check-ins 45 min before departure at all airports Lalu slams Mulayam for rape remarks BSP candidate booked for...read more
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Beware of company lackies lurking

here bashing the dissidents, the overwhelming fact has already been made here that the more $ you have vested the more interested you are in growing share price and the company growth.  rate and reply
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ValueHoundDog wrote: Why would you vote the current board when they are spending the company's money on themselves? That doesn't make any sense. You can still change your vote using the other proxy...read more
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The Cuban gov't wants directors to have an investment in the company, otherwise they have nothing to loose. After Delaney (the guy who started the Cuban operations) left the Cuban gov't lost respect...read more