We have approximate 2.5 times the amount of shares fully diluted. Plus/minus being the key here. We only had one potential win at that time and the was the potential of a drug that I personally did not know much about other than it was for curing heart disease. We now have the advances and potential reality of what some call the Holy Grail. We also have the epigenetics platform that never existed at that time. Personally, I think the Epigenetics could be worth a billion IMO. So what is the Holy Grail worth? Potentially billions and billions to big pharma and also to we the shareholders. BIg Pharma are far more hungry than they were 5-6 years ago, they are shopping, they have the cash as well. So there is no parallel to the RVX of 2007. The equivilent value due to dilution, is 30 bucks then is now more like 12 today, still not bad but we can not compare apples and oranges. If we have what we all think we have then 30 dollars today is simply too low IMHO.