I finally watched the webcast of the BIO CEO conference from Feb 12 (http://www.resverlogix.com/media/events.html). Great presentation IMO, and the one thing that really stood out to me was the second to last slide showing the timeline of current and future trials. In particular, the slide indicated "publications and abstracts" in Q2 of 2013, which we all know is also the same timeline for the completion and announcement of ASSURE trial data.

What struck me the most was that the slide text indicated "publications" not "publication" and "abstracts" not "abstract". RVX might be gearing up to release an onslaught of scientific data starting in Q2 2013 related not just to RVX-208 and CVD, but also to their other compounds improving other disease models.

Does anyone know if RVX has ever presented at scientific conferences (not investor conferences) on the cancer, autoimmune, diabetes, alzheimer's, or other programs? So we might not just be talking about SUSTAIN publication and ASSURE results announcement, but many simultaneous abstracts/publications related to RVX's pipeline, IMO.