I know assure and sustain are short studies...but I would like to see the weight at start and at end of trial.....no increased exercise introduced. Given that we are not a statin but actually cleaning the artery walls ...we get increase blood flow...a decrease in blood pressure...remove plaque going to the  brain...(old timers diasease)we purge through the liver so we flush out the excess cholesteral...the pancreas works better...if we we have all this increase blood flow ...it move all the fat around and increased blood around the mid section. Therefore we should see a reduced mid section and lower body fat index...not hyping this drug but it come out all it is advertised to be ...it is the holy grail and can be marketed so many ways..ie E.D     .gees increased blood flow ...I think i'm getting hard. Long and strong...and now erectus.

LOL good luck to all......given positive results to assure patients...with no side effect...Sustain should be the same. If there was any exteme adverse effects they would have to stop the study mid way.

I like how the DM said they had to drop one guy from the study ....I believe it was sexual harrasement of another patient......probably due to increased blood flow.