There will surely be a buildup in excitement and hopefully share price between now and when the ASSURE results are released. Also, Resverlogix is presenting at several meetings between now and then ( Most of these are investor conferences, but still good publicity. If all you want is a small gain, then by all means get out in April. 

As mentioned earlier in the week on the board, Resverlogix (Peter Young) will be presenting at an Epigenetics scientific conference in May, right around the time ASSURE should be wrapping up. This could be the time for a big announcement and the last chance to get into RVX before positive ASSURE results send it through the roof. 

So its your choice Easy. Get out in April/May when the share price is hyped up to 5, 6, maybe $10. Or stick it out until the ASSURE announcment. The latter is more risky, but as we've talked before we might see $30-$60 per share. I have no idea how I'll proceed. Maybe I'll do a little of each to cover my bases. Its going to be a fun ride, no matter what path we all take.