Well Easy, I personally don't share the same cynical view of the doctors involved with the company.  Especially so, since I have heard some of them speak at various meetings over the years and they have remained very non-committal and focused on the science.  I think quite professional, rather than being hired guns who will say anything. 


I also detest the pump and dump crowd.  There's a lot of them - some who have suddenly reappeared after years of being away.  Some are even the same old names we saw years ago.  Yuk. 


That being said, I personally remain enthusiastic about this stock and this company and the  work they are doing.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if in fact they were right about RVX-208?  I think that if they are, it is something that will change the world for many people who are otherwise terribly sick.


Of course, the stock would be greatly de-risked after Phase 3.  But at that point, the price will likely be much, much higher than today.  Thus, it leaves for one the question or your personal risk tolerance.  This is a risky play - but the potential for reward is definitely there.