This is  a rare phenomenon with a  rapidly ascending stock  price.  It  implies even  more bullishness ahead. ANY  DEAL  will take this to     TEN   DOLLARS.      The company  had to do the right thing and issue  the  " I  dont  know nothing " speech  as  HYD  did   two  years ago  when  it ran  on no news   only to  have  huge take over  offer the following year. This   will happen in a month's time. This is  a  game changing drug with huge market potential   AND it comes  on the heels when big pharma is at multi  year highs. No offer will  be a cheap one.    Hang tight and expect a wild ride.  There wont be any more  press releases  DESPITE  the  price   volatility because the Company   already issued its news  that     the price spike     may be related to imminent news.  This is a HIGH QUALITY   play with  100 to 200   %  upside in a month's time or less  if news is released.