I agree great for the whole Brazilian Fertilizer sector...Im ok with this exit its a tough market out there right now..Fertilizer is always going to be a good investment..Ive been involved with Rio Verde for a good year now and its had its ups and downs but they have continued to push forward so congrats to them..

I think the next company to exit in this sector is Eagle Star Minerals Corp. (EGE.V) I see a ton of activity as of late they are great with putting out news..Recent announcements talk about a really high grade zone discovered right next door to MbAC...It only makes sense for MbAC to take them out if this high grade is what it looks to be judging by their press releases...An area of 1.5 kms X .6KMS and an average width of 5 meters...Thats big and it look to start very near surface...Anyways thats my bet..highgrade is hard to come by in Brazil and MbAC can use all they can get for production..