Rio de Janeiro - Rio Verde Mining, a Canadian company with projects in the fertilizer industry in Brazil, begins production in April in a movement growing market of inputs for agriculture , said the chief executive of the company in the country.

The mining analyzes offer to purchase made by B & A Mining company's former president of Vale with the bank BTG Pactual, and values ??are still being defined, told Reuters on Wednesday the president of Rio Verde in Brazil, Luiz Mauricio Azevedo .

The company Roger Agnelli, who already owns 30 per cent stake in Rio Verde, is offering to buy the remaining 70 percent.

The company is preparing to produce 100 thousand tons of phosphate next year, from its Sapucaia project in Para, 120 miles from Bethlehem

"This project is very interesting because the region has no own production and imports the entire amount of potassium and phosphate, which concentrates the production of palm oil," said Azevedo, in a telephone interview.

Besides Pará, Rio Verde explores phosphate deposits in Maranhao and Ceara. It also has potash reserves in Sergipe, in the municipality of San Cristobal, where preliminary research showed a significant mineral potential.