I hope first the bid materialises but from what I see this is worth more than an assessment of market prices paid up to now and those other factors. The RVD thermophosphate from Bonito has already been shown to increase soybean yields by 33% per hectare and the sylvinite (from Segpipe) is an altogether superior phosphate source. I cannot find a reference to it but there is also something about the relative ease of getting the latter out of the ground. There wa a spec target on RVD earlier this year of $1.30 and since then they have advanced the Bonito project almost on time and actually have the $11MM cash (at sept 30th) to more or less finance to production. That cash is what? 7c per share value FULLY DILUTED for 151MMM shares) They anticipate serving a large portion of the Brasil phosphate needs from Bonito alone ( 15-25% is it not) and the price used in the PEA was some 20% below realisable prices. I have no idea what the buyer will bring to the table but the company's projects are almost entirely de-risked and 70cents ($105MM value) surely has to be a minimum of a FAIRNESS opinion.