Just amazing what is out there. RVD apparently has 41% institutional holding according to Reuters and 7 analysts with buy or outperform ratings. Nice people running Pactual but don't really care if the offer materialises: the following New York Times report was from April 2012 when Esteves was banned for 6mos holding office in Italian Company!!! And now he has raised at least $1.1Billion in the Brasil Bank's IPO and has done $100's Millions buying investments, so RVD is a minnow! Still, I'd like to think we'd realise a cap of well over $60MM as things unfold. Last post GLA>

André Esteves, the chief executive of the Brazilian bank BTG Pactual, was fined 350,000 euros ($457,000) by the Italian financial regulator on Monday for insider trading (in 2007 trades involving  Italian food company before takeover was announced.).