Put this on  my watchlist when I heard an exec being interviewed but thought I'd wait for the Fostara (sp?) project to get closer. Regret I missed today's NR as I would have bought at these levels without hesitation and hope I get a chance tomorrrow. They paid (or have at least committed) USD30MM to the previous owner of this one project and its PEA was 8 yr mine life with disc cap of over $60MM. (Do you know what percent of Terrera (again sp?) befoer they purchased the rest of it? that would magnify the USD30MM).

Then they have Segpipe. I know you longs know all this but what ot me about the interview was the type of mineral in the ground and the fact they could supply all or almost all Brasil's needs..I think I am remembering correctly. So, I'd expect not just an openere well above the 42c i saw posted but potentially competitive bids...these guys are not going to give it up with first prodn at one project in sight and the excitement that exec had about the company. Anyone know mgmt's share interest? AMHO. GL to existing longs although doubt you'll need it