Regarding this comment from this link provided by by veronikagermany....

 She said "The    MERGE   is  likely  according  to  this  article.

The thing  is  that   most   likely    there  will  not  be  any  premium...."


For what it's worth the article states the exact opposite of what you posted, first it would be a sale or merger, not one over the other and second, a significant premium, not "there will not be any premium."


"Significant stock movements could also take place in the Canadian energy patch during the next weeks, if some deals and transactions are completed successfully. Novus Energy (TSXV:NVS) is an oil producer of 3,600 boepd (77% oil and liquids). In December 2012, Novus retained financial advisors to optimize shareholder value. This includes a sale of the company or a merger with another entity. A deal will most likely take place with a significant premium because Novus  trades with low metrics. With an Enterprise Value of $260M and 14.56 MMboe of 2P Reserves (latest report of Dec 2011), Novus trades for $72,000/boepd and $18/boe of Reserves."