For those who didn't watch, the BNN moderator initially mixed up the companies and posted Rainy River. O'Connell was quick to correct him, get the right stock chart up and then proceed. He also strongly reiterated at the end that it was Raging River and not Rainy River. Here are two summaries of his comments. GLTA

  • Raging River Exploration (RRX TSX-V) Raging River Exploration represents the latest opportunity for investors to participate with a management team that has consistently delivered spectacular results for their shareholders. RRX has continued to execute on its past strategy of consolidation and drilling of light oil in the eastern regions of the WCSB. We expect that, as in the past, the company will be acquired at a premium valuation.


2012-10-25 TOP PICK RRX-X Raging River Exploration

Junior oil and gas company. CEO has sold his previous two companies to Crescent Point. He has the best wells in the Viking play. The risk is more of a timing issue