After the banking crisis, the Fed drastically dropped interest 
rates, and then pumped money which they created out of 
thin air, into the system. The government came up with 
other ideas which included the huge stimulus package, and a 
plan for minor mortgage relief, and the "cash for clunkers" 

Some people bought new cars, and there seemed to be some 
success with these ideas. But all of those ideas were done 
with borrowed money. Consider this, if you were in a 
relationship and you suddenly lost your self employed 
income, your partner could buy some goods or services from 
you, using their credit card. But looking at the total balance 
sheet for your relationship, what has happened is the total 
balance sheet is looking worse than it did before.

During the banking crisis, the Fed and the government got 
their best brains together in many meetings. Basically, they 
did their best idea first, then their second best idea, then 
their third best idea and so on. All of the best ideas have 
been used already.

It doesn't matter if you liked the parties they were in or not. 
The fact is they were intelligent people, who did things after 
participating in many brainstorming sessions. 

All Romney can offer now is something like ideas number 7, 
8, 9, 10 and so on. Weaker ideas that were thought of 
before but were discarded. Plus he hasn't seen the actual 
books. If Obama gets in, he too will be trying ideas that 
were discarded previously. 

Either of them will overspend drastically, which will mean

a huge rise in the price of gold.

Steve Cosmic
Psychic Commentator