if the gap between heavy oil and wti closes,spring cooperates,and expenses don't get out of line near term then this will be there.

for the guys who hung in with the wsx takeover this is a dream.even got to sell my wts.

now back to nuts and bolts.

it will take some time to reconcile the different entities.net backs on what rrx has won't be that great come aug(imo).drilling like mad but also claimed the highest price paid for land in sask last year.i think that rrx will go on a buying spree but that is going to be limited to their debt covenant.not privy to bank info of course but give rrx time to show us the money they can make.lots of jv stuff to clear up/buy out/sell off.these guys want to be front and center.

i'm thinking(less some other developement) this will be 1.70 by end summer.not a bash-they might buy wfe-but mngt still has to spend the money they made off the last deal so 1-2 years out isn't unreasonable and lots of wts that are going to be in the market.

renegade was my hero for awhile till insiders dumped,i thought maybe a fit.not now.patch is fickle and investors more so.

round whatever and good luck!