To bad most of you were not born yet  and missed out working  on  this world class construction project !


'Twin diverson tunnels 50' high X 50 ' wide  6000 ' Long      in Granite ... We did NOT f---- around here unlike the  BS going on at the  Rubicon Mine Site .... SHame ...



Manic-2 and Manic-5 hydroelectric dams

  • Georges-Dor Pavilion, the reception building at Manic-2
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Do you know how electricity is produced? Visit the Jean-Lesage (Manic-2) and Manic-5 hydroelectric power plants to find out! During this fascinating industrial tour, young and old alike will be awed by the enormous Manic-2, one of the world’s largest hollow-joint gravity dam, and by the Daniel-Johnson Dam, the world’s largest multiple-arch-and-buttress dam.

The tour guide will explain how these two dams were built, their main features and how they work. Explore the world of electric power, discover our rich heritage and admire the sheer size of the dams.
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4 decades of mine development world wide