Losing paper money will make anyone want to blame the company they are investing in.  Sometimes I do too. But I think people are forgetting about the market situation right now.  Rubicon isn't the only JR miner whose SP has declined the last two years.  The whole market is down at it has been for two years.  The JR market rebounded too fast in 2010 and now we are in a bear market for juniors.  This will change, obviously. Around the time Rubicon is producing by 2014 the market will shift. I don't think there will be any takeover offer. There would have been one already there have been plenty of opportunities to buy Rubicon cheaper than this. It has been a known fact how much gold there is for many years.  Rubicon is going to produce.  None of these construction issues or first nation issues are why the share price is down.  This Mike working for Goldcorp as a secret mole talk is BS too. He left Goldcorp because he knows Cochenour is tapped out. He wants Rubicon to be the next Goldcorp (how good would that be for his career). Please stop with the conspiracy theories