there are always slight delays (matter of months) in mining buisness. Especially drilling in fridgid Red Lake in the wintertime.  That being said, Q2 2014 is not a long time to wait.  By then, we should be producing or very close, and you have to think investors big and small will be bidding up the price then.  Even if there are a few more delays, I am willing to wait until 2015.  I realize how much work goes into building a gold mine at this depth with this many levels. I want them to do it right. And do it the best way.  Like before, when the PEA bulk sample was taken from an area with not as high grades as the rest of the deposit. We don't want that to happen again.  We want to make sure the PEA is much betterr than the last overly conservative one.  I don't think the PEA or any drill results will be enough to move this stock though (because we have been releasing drill results for 10 -15 yrs).   What will make the SP move north of 5 bucks is gold production, "gold bars poured" as Lalonde said.   Perhaps as we get much closer to production when the mill is complete and optimized PEA done we will get some takeover offers.  I see the future as very positive.  But there will be bumps along the road in 2013 during the finishing of the construction phase and appeasing all the stakeholders (possible need for financing, natives, govt, environmental).  Of course the Company has challenges.  I guess what it comes down to is do you have faith in this team to get the job done and get this mine built? Or do you think it will keep getting delayed and delayed and never get finished?  I think the latter is a very pessimistic view, and when you look at the history of all Rubicon has accomplished in the last few years (discovery, mine facility construction, shaft sinking, power line, permits, etc), it seems likely that they will get it done.  Once again, patience is the name of the game. I really feel we will be rewarded but I am not naive enough to think there won't be delays.  I don't think we can blame the Company for being optimistic with their timeline.  It is common sense that there may be delays in the mining buisness especially in the winter in Red Lake.