October-November 1993

 initial test holes encouraging. Shares still below $1 by year's end.


 ramps up drilling program ; stock trading at $14.87 by the end of July 1995.

October 1995

  pegged reserves are 10 million ounces and could contain 30 million ounces. Analysts raise price targets and issue bullish "buy" reports. Stock soars to more than $50.

April 1996

 begins trading on the TSX; stock hits $180.

May 10, 1996

stock price tops $200 on TSX. Stock splits 10-for-1 and soon reaches high of $28 ($280 pre-split). Company has net market worth of over $6 billion..


 Keep the faith folks .... The Golds There + soon imo the phd will wave goodbye from a Green Beaver  


Big John F anjoy  BSc Geologist :)