I listened to a Kitco interview with Brent Cook.

Mr. Cook noted the money issues of junior explorers and possible demise of these important companies.

He also referenced a recent report by the CPM Group.

CPM Group says major miners must spend $400 billion in coming years to replace gold that is mined !!!

$400 billion is an unbelievable number.

$2 - $3 billion for Rubicon and control of 40% of Red Lake is not alot of money.

The mining elite can pass on Rubicon if they wish but it seems stupid to ignore this Canadian gem.

As far as I am concerned, they can dig for gold in Hugo Chavez's backyard !!!


P.S. - Sometimes I get the impression from message boards that Rubicon is not worthy of a buyout. In fact, Rubicon is a fine project which greater potential.