Sheesh.  I know at least one security guard on the property.  Even with fancy gifts i can't get on, or any info from those tight lipped personnel when I'm up in Red Lake.    No matter.


I always thought that the size of skip was determined by height, width and depth.  Tonnage factor(specific weight of the ore) is also paramount to the skip size.  The rope diameter plus the horse power of the hoist, ect. ect.  But i surely didn't see beavers hats as the missing variable.  Still wondering if the shaft will be a bottleneck.  Anyone know more about the plans for the shaft  or heard any rumours? 


If the shaft is deepened, it'll be more time before mining is likely started up, especially without an internal ramp system to continue exploration.  I think the possibility of the longer delay to mining is driving the stock lower.