Rally - As it was presented to me:

- A hostile offer would be met with a quickly presented, robust PEA.

- A hostile offer would be met with previously unreleased drill results from other Rubicon Red Lake properties.

- Using the current share price as a base line, a friendly offer would not be feasible.

- Goldcorp's management can not justify a fair offer for Rubicon to Goldcorp's shareholders at this time.

- Rubicon's management would rather mine the property than sell at a distressed price - perhaps institutional shareholders would agree.

- Rubicon's share price must rise to achieve a "meeting of the minds" before a buyout.

- More than one bidder is a wildcard. Would a lowball offer cause a second bidder to emerge ???

- A single offer may never emerge.

My Rubicon position was established long ago. A buyout or production is part of my equation. My best source is a major retail investor (obviously NOT an insider or connected to an insider) that follows the company closely. Major retail investors always increase my resolve. Another major retail investor is part of our group.

With the exception of RBY, I withdrew from the markets prior to the 2008 collapse. My account peaked on the last trading day of 2010. Since that time, my account has decreased almost a million dollars because of RBY. I am a passive investor; I can afford the volatility but it is tiresome.

IMO - the time to be disturbed about Rubicon/RBY/RMX has passed. I wait for buyout or production as world events swirl around the globe. I speculate Rubicon is worth more than the current share price. Could it be any easier ???