Hey SG, not trying to argue with you here, but I am just confused on this advice you are getting.

For one thing, wouldnt Goldcorp, more than just about anyone else, already know the cost and value of getting the gold out from under Red Lake? ( PEA ).

And with that knowledge why wait for a positively revised PEA ( expected?) which would only increase thier cost on a buyout offer. Surely, now before the revised PEA, or the many oppurtunities thay have had in the past, would be a better time to tender an offer?

Of course, I aint managing any billion dollar mining companies,and am obviously no expert in how these games are played. I am all for anything that will get us to my target $12 / share sell price, Which I had previously expected to be reached well before now.

This weeks price action has been disturbing ,to say the least.