Enigma - I would suggest that a PEA is different than a typical news release.

How will a blockbuster PEA affect Rubicon's shareprice? I think it will be a tremendous boost - sooner or later.

I am a Rubicon investor - 55 months.

I have witnessed extreme volatility during this time.

Investors that have held RBY/RMX for any length of time are aware of the manipulation/supression of the gold sector and this stock.

There are several ways to beat the market masters at their game.

My Method - Buy RBY when the stock is out of favor.

Back in the dollar days, I loaded the boat.

Everyone would love that opportunity again.

I suspect Rubicon will be purchased prior to production.

If Rubicon reaches production, I will likely still own shares.

I can't really be too concerned about a collapsed share price that is disconnected from a fantastic gold project - seen this movie before.

Is it any wonder that retail investors have turned away from the markets?