Such an ungrateful comment....

Who do you think found this gold deposit and built it for you? Who do you think provided you with a life changing opportunity?  What did you have to do in exchange? Invest a few thousand dollars and have the chance to make a fortune? I feel so sorry for you...

Maybe you should have taken some off the table in 2010 when the price went above 5?  Greediness obviously prevented you from doing so.

Don't despair, soon you will make more than if you had sold in 2010 - IF (and this is a big IF) you can manage to think rationally and not base your opinion of Rubicon on the current share price.

As has been stated before, the whole market is down. Premier, Claude, McEwan gold index (dozens of juniors all down).  Do you think this is a problem exclusive to Rubicon?

Do you not appreciate owning shares of the highest grade gold mine in Canada that is months away from production? Do you not look at the updates on the website regarding the mill and mine construction i.e shaft deepening?

A lot of the posters here really are lucky to even know about Rubicon and have this opportunity and we should all be thankful for the hard work RMX workers have put in and continue to put in to get this thing to completion.

Stop being little whiny b***ches and wait for them to finish the mill and mine. THE PRICE WILL GO UP THEN!!!!