Invest in Gold  /  Silver ... you have been warned !!



President Obama’s neo-Marxist concept of raiding the savings and investment of “the rich” to spread the wealth around and thereby increase spending and consumption is precisely inverted economics that will only bring down economic growth, jobs, wages, and incomes of the middle class and the poor. These are precisely the results we have seen in Obama’s first term, with negligible new jobs created over his entire term on net, declining real wages and incomes for the middle class and the poor, and more Americans in poverty than ever before in the more than 50 years that the Census has been keeping track of poverty.

If those who make the sacrifice to save and take the risk of investing find that the government is only going to seize their savings and investment when they are successful, they will soon sharply reduce their savings and investment, at least here in America. That will only hurt the middle class and the poor the most, as they lose the jobs and rising wages and incomes essential to their own personal prosperity.

But that is all only going to get much worse in Obama’s second term, as his policies produce renewed recession, double digit unemployment, collapsing real wages and incomes, and new poverty records.