I suspect the market masters are hitting all the RBY/RMX stops to steal as many shares as possible.

No honor among thieves !!!

It really is beyond my understanding why anyone would just give away shares before the PEA.

Even the most timid gambler would wait until the PEA is revealed !!!

For some time, there has been discussion on the Yahoo board about high grade gold - deep, deep within F2.

Review the latest news release.

Imagine that Rubicon's exploration efforts continue to be successful - what is Goldcorp thinking about deep drill results?

My theory - Goldcorp would rather buyout Rubicon sooner than later.

I think the PEA will be the catalyst for a buyout - last opportunity for any party to buy Rubicon "cheap" ???

If Rubicon can avoid a buyout, the ''yellow sea" of gold deep below may await their geologists. 


P.S. - If it was within my power, Rubicon would be a private company.

Too many people use RBY/RMX for their own delight.

They call it business but everyone with half a brain knows theft when they see it.