Rubicon's management expects to release an updated PEA in November or December of 2012 -  the scenario presented to me gains greater interest.

Part 1 - Rubicon issues an updated PEA.

Will Rubicon's updated PEA be wildly positive for the project?

Will Rubicon's updated PEA cause the company to be revalued upward?

Part 2 - Goldcorp requests confidential agreement with Rubicon.

Will Goldcorp conclude this is the last opportunity to acquire Rubicon "cheap"?

Part 3 - Goldcorp makes an offer in 90 days or less for Rubicon.

It seems unbelievable today, but a $10 buyout for Rubicon was suggested to me.

Buyout or Production - Perhaps Rubicon will be revalued soon.


P.S. - For Rubicon's investors, today's news release has lots of positive information.

F2 seems BIG !!!