Development Highlights
Phoenix Gold Project development milestones achieved during the six months ended June 2012 included:
Commissioning of the 14 foot double drum hoisting plant was completed in the first quarter,
including the headframe extension (15 m), new sheave deck, new backlegs, and a new dump. New
shaft guides were installed from surface to the 122 Level, along with new buckets and a new
Lateral development of 242 metres (66 metres in the current quarter) was completed. The bulk of the
lateral development was to establish access to mineralization on the 244 Level. Other advancements
included the completion of a drill station on the 244 Level.
The vertical component of the development was the completion of the waste pass from the 305 Level
to the 122 Level. The development of the 183 Level was started by accessing the area by an alimak