Getting the gold out of a massive, deep, narrow vein underground deposit like Phoenix is harder than mining close to surface deposits from 30, 40, 50 years ago that could be done with more conventional mining methods.  These newer deep, narrow vein deposits like Gold Eagles and Rubicon's are getting harder and harder to mine. RMX has been hiring engineers left right and center with mine building experience to get the job done. Look at the careers section on the website you will see all the recent hirings this summer and fall.

We are talking about an underground mine that drifts out from land and mines the ground below the lakebed. This requires a lot of careful planning.  It is not a job Rubicon should rush through or try to get done as fast as possible.  This is why they have safety teams, environmental teams, first nations, etc.  Rubicon is preventing any negative scenarios like a mine collapse, government environmental issues, or a first nations strike from happening.  At the same time, they are aggressively sinking the shaft and building the mill.

The gold is there, you are right about that.  The stock price is behaving the way it should for a mining company that has had a discovery and is now in the period between discovery and production where shareholders and speculators are waiting to see what the earnings from the mine will be.