Now that Obama has been elected, gold should have the greenlight to rise over time.

Byron Wien (grand old man) of Blackstone fame is well-known for his predictions.

Check out his record.

Mr. Wien gave the nod to gold yesterday on Bloomberg.

Since Byron Wien is not a goldbug, his prediction is notable.

Byron Wien speaks and others listen.

There is every reason for Rubicon/RBY/RMX to succeed.

Rubicon appears to be in the sweet spot - future success rests with management.

I accepted a huge risk with Rubicon in April 2008.

All I want is to be fairly rewarded for Rubicon's project - buyout or production.

Perhaps the long gold / short gold stocks strategy used by the market masters will change.

RBY/RMX is manipulated and supressed to the point of disgust.

Management is in a position to raise the share price and burn the shorts.